Three years ago just hours after Trump won the presidency I lost my temper over politics in a Wall Mart. In that split second of being out of control I nearly lost my freedom, my family, and my sanity. With a lot of love and support I pulled myself out of that hole.  When I did I realized what nearly took my life away could happen to most anybody. So, I started on a mission to end all the disconnect and misunderstanding we have of each other. My solution, hugs both physical and mental. Wrapping my arms and mind around people of every mindset. In fact, this summer I started on 50 state hug mission with my daughters to give hugs to people in every single state in the nation. We reached 23 states so far. 27 more to go. I’ll get back to my hugging America, but leave you with this. Not everybody I meet wants a hug. Some just want a talk, but all want to be understood.

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