There’s a growing divide in our nation. It’s political, but even more it’s digital. I’m out to shrink it face to face. It happens one hug at a time.

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Decades ago Nike launched a symbol to remind Americans to get off their butt and exercise. Today I launch my own logo to remind Americans to get off their phones and most importantly social media and start connecting face to face. While Nike usually accompanied their mark with the slogan "Just Do It", mine purposely has no words at all. To understand what my hash mark icon is about you literally have to open up your mouth to explain it to the other person. We need more of that these days and less opening of browsers and apps. Shrinking the divide in our nation will not happen through any screen it will evolve one face to face interaction at a time. Millions to go but it all starts with one and each one is another hash mark bringing our nation back to civility and a better understanding of each other. I call whether that interaction is just physical by wrapping my arms around somebody or sitting down having an empathetic chat with someone a hug. It's not up to any politician to fix this mess in our nation either. It's on every one of us as Americans to put in the work. It happens "one hug at a time" whether it be physical or mental. Underneath all our differences everyone of us is only beautifully human. Striving to be better but none of us perfect. All of us full of holes and imperfections. Hugs remind us of our humanity in an instant. My board below with over a thousand hugs from perfect strangers from 22 states is empirical proof of that.

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